Saturday, October 28, 2006

From PW to any Hotshoe Flash in $12

You can attach your Pocket Wizards to any hotshoe flash without any expensive PC sync cords and without multiple cables. And it can cost you as little as $12.

What you see there is a female port 1/8" mini plug to hotshoe adapter. It's exactly like the PC sync models only with a 1/8" mini plug instead. The beauty of this adapter is that the PW already uses a mini plug port, so the only cable you need is male mini plug to male mini plug. As luck would have it, these cables are pretty easy to find at Radio Shack, Fry's or your local electronics store and come in different lengths. I had one laying around the house; you might have one too.

You can get your hotshoe adapter from an ebay vendor. She doesn't auction the adapters directly but she will sell them to you for $5 a piece with $2 shipping ($3 International). Contact (I think her name is Julie) and ask for a hotshoe adapter or just paypal her with your $7 and your address. I ordered a backup adapter and it got here in a few days.

So here's the math:

$5 Hotshoe Adapter
$2 Shipping for above adapter
$5 Price of a stereo male mini plug to mini plug cable
$12 Total

Last I checked the PC sync to mini plug cables were like $40-50 so this is a pretty good deal by comparison. I hope this helps those of you on a budget.

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