Monday, March 03, 2008

Random Update

So I've sent my Sigma flashes back to Sigma to be rechipped. I sent them back about a year ago so they would be compatible with the K10D but since then Sigma updated the flash so it can be compatible with wireless PTTL triggering. I've always wanted to try PTTL wireless triggering but I've been too lazy or busy to send them in again. Now I just have to wait. Carrying one body and one flash (without PWs) will be a hoot if anything works as planned.

I also shipped back my Sigma 24mm 1.8 lens. There was a scratch on the rear element of the lens that was affecting my wide open shots. I could see it in the bokeh and it bothered me enough to send back for repair.

Not quite as a replacement but more for travel & other purposes, I picked up a second hand DA 21mm Limited. I was a little disappointed with the condition of the lens for the price but it seems to perform great. Not thrilled with the cap so I may get a 49mm pinch cap for it and shoot without the hood.

I'm going to a photo focus group this week. I was asked to bring my Pentax camera. I'm curious if its a Pentax sponsored event or one from a Pentax competitor. I'll post more after the event.

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